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For Auxilary Motors - Built to Perform

"An Outboard Bracket - The handiest way to equip a small sailboat with auxiliary power - or a fishing craft with a low-powered trolling engine - is to mount an outboard motor on the transom by means of a retractable bracket. This kind of bracket allows the boatman to lift the motor out of the water when it is not in use without removing it from the bracket." - Time/Life Library of Boating

Performance on Demand!

"I thought I'd let you all know how very satisfied I am with the motor lift system. It is working wonderfully. The location and height we installed it, worked out perfectly! This past weekend we trolled with it both days in 4' to 5' seas. The motor never got washed over and the prop never came out of the water either. Everyone at Knife River Marina is very impressed and a bit jealous. I hear lots of (oo-ahhas) and have had several inquiries about your product. I think I'll be seeing more of your motor lifts in our marina soon." - Joe Perrault Lakeland, MN - Regarding Model 71095

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This tool is the first step in finding the perfect Motor Bracket for your boat. Begin by locating the HP or weight of your 2- or 4-Stroke motor below. Click the corresponding button to find the motor bracket most compatible with your particular motor specs. Be sure to explore the related products links at the bottom of every individual product page as these related products may offer different specifications or features better suited to your individual situation. (View the specs for the complete line of outboard motor brackets here.)

Note to Distributors, Dealers and Consumers:

For safety and liability reasons we DO NOT sell parts or springs for any Garelick Auxiliary Motor Brackets to outside parties. The disassembly and reassembly of these products requires a special jig and compression system to safely remove and reinstall the springs. These springs are under high tension and could cause severe injury if incorrectly handled. The only parts for these products that can be safely installed by a customer are limited to the tension knobs, the mounting board that holds the outboard motor and the safety cable. If you need more extensive repairs or parts please contact our Garelick Customer Service Department at: and inquire about our exchange program.